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Béni Ouarain ecru rug with black pattern.

Size 300x200cm

100% handwoven wool

Unique piece

Béni Ouarain carpet S18

  • More trendy than ever, the Berber carpet is everywhere. It fits into any decor style and gives personality to any room.

    Beni Ouarain rugs are certainly the most comfortable rugs that exist. They are made of 100 % sheep wool and 100 % undyed.

    These timeless rugs are made for those who truly love naturalness, they are the epitome of warmth and luxury.

    All Berber carpets share a typical style with geometric patterns, a classic design for any type of room. You can expect to see brown lines and shapes on a white or cream background as well as patterns. They tell the stories of their weavers.

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